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June 30, 2015

Well, I made a decision, that I have been pondering over for years. Which most would think I was out of my mind, but I finally did it. You ask what are you talking about? Well, I decided to have breast reduction surgery.  I know most of you are screaming WHY!!!!! Well, being 5'2 with 34DD's it was always just too much in my opinion. I am now a very perky 34D, and I have never been happier! I can actualy fit in clothes properly. I can now wear a size small top! Bras actually fit! I never could fit in a 34DD, but a DDD was too big. I had literally spent 1,000s over the years on bras that never quite fit just right. Now I can go braless and not look tacky lol! I could never do that in the past. The recovery was trying, but it was all worth it!  Yes, there is scarring, but they are really dissapearing nicely. They are still a little tender and nipples are uber senstive, but I am back to normal again ;-)


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