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Cleanliness is really paramount! You MUST make sure that you are freshly showered, wearing deodorant, and have very recently brushed your teeth. Most woman, myself included, will offer you to use our shower facilities (if you are coming to my location) . Even if you showered that morning, a day at the office or in nervous anticipation of our get together can take it's toll. I will be fresh, clean and smelling nice- and you should be, too.​ Same goes if I am coming to your location. If I feel you are not fresh and clean, I reserve the right to refrain from certain activities.
​​​Please be polite. I know this sound like common sense, but it needs to be stressed. If you phone or email and use words that are debasing, you can be 100% certain that I will have zero interest in meeting you.

​ Again, Please do not say anything out of the way over the phone, even if you are a regular client. You never know who may be listening!!! Please do not ask anything out of the way in emails or text as in inquiring about anything lewd.This means using acronyms as well! If you still choose to do so, please note that your messages will be deleted without any attention.
Read our websites! I know it's time consuming, but we created them for a reason - to help you know more about us. Almost everything you could ever want to know about is on there, so it will save you asking questions we've answered in detail on our sites already.
​No means No -  no matter what the question. Asking me to bend the rules I have set up for our own safety and comfort level is rude, intrusive and just plain offensive. Accept it, and move on.​​
I will say this : DO NOT demand anything from me!!!
You do not own me for the time we spend together, so please, do not act as if you do! If I feel you are being disrespectful. I will end our encounter promptly without refund.

Trying to barter or negotiate our rates is tacky. There are companions out there for every budget, no matter how large or small. If you aren't comfortable with a woman's rates, find one whom you are comfortable with, and book with her, instead. Calling us names, whining, or being aggressive is a great way of making us grateful you can't afford us

​​I expect you to conduct yourself in a discreet manner and to be a gentleman at all times. If you are coming to my location. I will ask that we do not speak until you are inside my location and the door is closed. This is for discretion purposes. Once inside and door is secured, you can expect a warm welcome!
I will always be discreet upon arrival. I will always take care, to make sure that the hallway is clear before knocking upon your door. I am a lady and will conduct myself in that manner at all times.

When we are in the public eye, I will never say anything out of the way, nor use unsavory language. I will never initiate any type of vulgar conversation, nor become overtly loud. I will never openly touch you in public, without your lead first, of course. I am always considerate of your need for discretion, therefor you will never have to be apprehensive about an outing with me.

​​​Please be on time - and, if you're running late, call me! Don't just send email, as I might not get it in time. I understand that things come up, and plans change - but it's rude to me and to other clients to simply not show up, or to show up hours late. Be considerate of the fact that many Providers see limited clientele, and a scheduling mishap can ruin our entire day's plans.

​​​​I would never ask you questions about your personal life other than basic questions pertaining to your career, hobbies or interests. Please do not be insistent on prying into mine.

Again, please do not push my boundaries! Just because another lady does, do NOT assume I will. If you did your " due diligence" when concerning me, you should know what to expect from me.

Please do not expect me to partake in illegal substances with you. I do not indulge in such things. If I feel you are under the influence upon arrival, I will turn you away. If I arrive at your location to find the same above mentioned situation, I will promptly turn and leave. The same goes for alcohol intoxication.
EVERYTHING you need to make a decision to schedule a booking with me is present on this website. If you feel this is just to much of a hassle or cannot abide by my requests, then PLEASE do not waste my time or yours inquiring. I do not deviate from what is presented before you on this website. PLEASE do not keep pestering me to bend the rules for YOU.
Again, I am a well reviewed Nashville companion and there is NO REASON to inquire about anything pertaining to rate packages or " services " in any correspondence. I have supplied links to reviews on my resume page. It only takes a few minutes to do your "due diligence."
Finally, try to relax and have fun! I am here to entertain you, and to make a few hours in your life more pleasant. I understand it can be nerve wracking to meet with a new person. That considered I will want to sit with you for a moment in order to put us both at ease. If there's anything you want to tell me, or any questions you have, feel free to talk to me. I want you to have an experience you'll remember with a smile.


Hannabeth Haliwelle is a mature GFE escort and dinner/travel companion in Nashville Tn.