Rates and Protocol


 It has very important info that can end a visit quickly if the protocol is not followed. This is for both of our benefits. Thanks for your cooperation.

When contacting me, please DO NOT request services or make mention of any compensation! It is all listed below. DO NOT use any code words or acronyms either. This means do not mention these things in email, text messages or phone conversations. If you do, you will be ignored. What I offer are my time and undivided attention. Each rendezvous is an exclusive experience. Please do not degrade, or label it. 
                    RATE PROTOCOL
If we are meeting in public, please have the applicable rate ready and in an envelope, and place the envelope discreetly inside a book or other publication, card or gift bag on the table upon my arrival. Please note, I DO NOT MEET IN PUBLIC FOR A QUICK DRINK FOR FREE! Remember, you are compensating me for my time, and that includes ALL the time spent with you. Please do not contact me wanting to meet for a drink first, to decide whether or not you would like to spend more time with me. 


If meeting at a hotel or residence, please have the applicable rate ready and in an envelope placed on the restroom vanity.  Please have your picture ID laying on top for my viewing. If it is not in the area requested I will leave as quickly as I arrived. So please do not lay it out in any other fashion than where requested.


Do not EVER mention the envelope! The old adage about mixing business and pleasure applies. It only takes away from the overall mood.
Again I must say, please DO NOT make any mention of compensation! Do not hint at, nod towards, point at, or in ANY other way acknowledge that there is an existence of any compensation. If you do, I will have to end our visit. 

Gratuity is always appreciated, but never required and can be casually left in plain sight at the end of the visit.

Gifts are also appreciated, but also never required. If you feel like bringing a little something for me. I appreciate Gift Cards from just about anywhere, except for Bass Pro Shop lol!
Target, TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Home Goods being favorites. I also enjoy any toiletries from Victoria Secret or Thierry Mugler or Prada perfume.


My rate packages are NON- Negotiable!!
If you are considering trying to broker a deal... DON'T! It is not going to happen. This a luxury, not a necessity. If you cannot afford my rate packages, then perhaps you may need to search for companionship elsewhere.  


 Same day bookings are not available. This affords me the time to do my due diligence on you, as you did when selecting me.  If you are not willing to be screened, do not waste your time contacting me. Screening is done on the book me page. 




1 hour


You will be hosted in a  private cozy location. Rest assured it is clean, smoke-free. It is just 10 minutes from Downtown Nashville. Easy access to and from the interstate. Please consider traffic when booking. I only accommodate 1-hour bookings for this option at this time.

  This means I come to you. I prefer a 24 hr notice as well for this option. I am available for overnights or time extending past 3 hours upon request.  

Extended Regale

3 Hours


 This must include social time and private time. Dinner out or room service.


Breaking The Ice

2 Hours


 Recommended for new clients. This includes an hour of social time and private time. Appetizer over a beverage is perfect. 

Private Rendezvous

1 Hour


Travel Fees

Please add $50.00 to rate outside Nashville Davidson County. If you are 40 minutes or more, ad $ 100.00. I only travel 1 hour or less outside of Nashville. Unless of course, I am touring in which case the same rules apply based on my location within the respective city I am visiting.  Now that you have chosen a package that best fits you. You're well on your way and can proceed to the BOOK ME page to schedule a booking.


 Cancellation Policy   

I understand things happen.  Please understand that I set aside time to accommodate you. I spent time screening you. I spend time preparing for our date. Most times I am taking time away from my mundane career to accommodate you. With that said. I do enforce a cancellation policy. I require a 48-hour cancellation notification. If you cannot abide by this, a fee will be charged. In order to accept a booking from you in the future, I must receive this within 48 hrs of your cancellation. This is no different from a doctor or dentist practice policy. Please be considerate of my time. This is my source of income. 

A cancellation fee of 50%of the booking is expected and required. I think this a reasonable policy. This is our employment if you will!


I require a 50% deposit on all multi-hour bookings. If you cannot abide by that, then we cannot meet. Once a deposit is received, and you do not meet the cancellation requirement, Your deposit is forfeited. If you pay in full and cancel outside of the protocoll, your payment is forfeited. 







"There is more to sex appeal than just measurements. I don't need a bedroom to prove my womanliness. I can convey just as much sex appeal, picking apples off a tree or standing in the rain." Audrey Hepburn