Finally, A hosting space!

I have worked out a hosting space in a private location. this gives daily hosting options now. I look forward to seeing you guys!

Incall update.

Wow!!!!! I have been trying to find a suitable location for hosting. That has been a daunting task! Geez, I have not looked at rents in Nashville in 3 yrs, and they are ridiculous!!!!! A 1 bdrm apt in this city or even surrounding suburbs are an outrage. Thanks hipsters! You cannot find a 1bdrm in a decent area under 1200.00. even the areas like Antioch, Hermitage, ect are 900.00 and up. if you locate in a area such as Antioch and Hermitage, Donelson, you get complaints and they expect you to lower your rate. The rents are almost just as high as Bretwood, Bellevue, ect. The hotels in the area have doubled in price as well. The extended stay places are even 100.00 a night now. A 3 star is a

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