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Just an FYI for the fellas... I have received a lot grief lately from gents for not being available at a moments notice. I do have other life obligations just as you do. I am human. I am not the kind of escort that is stationed up in a hotel with a revolving door. I never have been. Every now and then I may be able to manage a last minute outcall, but that is few and far between. the days of the call girl are gone so to speak. Even the escort services are not operating in that manner any longer, as in make a call and have a girl at your door in 30 min, no questions asked. Too risky for all involved. So guys please understand the old days for quick quality service are gone. The ones from certain sites that will... are too risky. Are you willing to take that chance for instant gratification? I read almost daily of men being ripped off, robbed, assaulted or arrested by showing up at sketchy location thinking they has found that diamond in the ruff, That last min bargain, No screening. No deposit, only to have there life altered in some fashion. Is it really worth it? I pride myself in providing a safe, quality experience. That cannot be done at a moments notice.


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