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Does The Length Of A Ladies Hair Really Matter?

Is the length of a ladies hair a deal breaker? How do you feel about a woman with short hair? Do you feel she looks les than a woman if her locks are not flowing? I have viewed several hobbyist commentaries, concerning the length of a womans hair, from woman with short hair looks like a dyke, to they are just unsexy and ugly with short hair.

How do you feel about hair extensions?

I recently read a rant by a hobbyist concerning hair extensions and how they are just wrong. That they are deceiving of what a woman really looks like. That no one wants choose a lady, to find out later her hair is not really hers. One of the statements went something like this " When I go to run my hands through a honeys hair, who wants to feel a bunch of bumps or metal attacments" I am paraphrasing here. Does your time with a lady require you to maul her hair?

Honestly, I am not much on having my hair touched or manipulated at all. I spend a lot of time on preparing my hair and just hate to see it look desheveled and unfit for public viewing! In my personal life, I have never had a guy really touch my hair oddly. It has just been in this profession that men feel the need to ravage my hair.

Your comments on this?

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